Our triple action carpet & upholstery deodoriser attacks and neutralises odours at its source, a must if you have pets. Our deodoriser is included complimentary.

Carpet and Upholstery Deodoriser

Fresh Pleasing Scent.

From cooking to kids to pets, your home sees plenty of action, and carpet odour is inevitable. But no one wants carpet odours to linger. Unfortunately, scented candles and sprays only mask the odours, and they certainly can’t reach odours that are absorbed into your carpet. Vibrant Carpets deodorisers act as an odour remover and a pet odour remover if you have pets, neutralising them at their source.

We will deodorise your entire carpet straight after the clean, paying special attention to any problem areas. When the job is done, you’re left with clean carpets with a fresh pleasing scent.

Vibrant Carpets professional deodoriser uses a natural bacterial enzyme action to digest organic odour sources such as vomit, faeces, urine, milk, blood, etc. This product removes organic odours that it contacts. It also uses a neutraliser to give immediate relief from any odours while the enzyme is working.

Please note: The key to complete removal of an odour is that this product must reach all contaminated surfaces. If the odour causing source has penetrated the backing and possibly the underlay of your carpet we cannot guarantee complete removal of the odour

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Enjoy a healthier home.