Carpet Cleaning.

Our powerful machine and 9 step cleaning system is able to leave your carpets, dry, fresh, clean and fluffy. Our system is eco-friendly, pet safe, baby safe, asthma and allergen friendly.


Experts In Our Field

Professionally trained and qualifed by industry leading organisations allows us to provide an unbeatable service.



Eco-Friendly solutions are used to ensure we cannot remove colour or damage fibres. Safe for you and your loved ones, including babies and pets.


Fast Drying

Our cleaning system is designed to leave your carpets as dry as possible so you can get back to normal within a short space of time.


Non Re-Soiling

Our 9 step carpet cleaning process ensures no residues are left behind so your carpets stay cleaner for even longer.


Industry Leading Equipment

We have invested into the most powerful equipment available, which gives superior results compared to many other cleaners – guaranteed.


Great Clean Guarantee

If your not happy with the quality of the clean, we will return free of charge. Still not happy? We will provide a full refund.

9 Step Carpet Cleaning Process

Dry, Bright and Beautiful.

1. Pre-Inspection

We will walk through your home with you to visually inspect the carpet. We will identify potential permanent stains and give you an evaluation of expected results, as well as listen to any concerns you may have.

2. Dry Soil Extraction

Dry soil is removed thoroughly commercially power vacuuming. Our vacuum has a beating brush that beats the carpets as we vacuum which is great for removing dust, dirt and it’s briliant at picking up pet hair. During this stage 85% of the dirt is removed.

3. Pre-Spot Treatment

We use our specialty spotting techniques to remove any stains. Treating stains that are treatable beforehand ensures complete removal.

5. Move Furniture

We will carefully move sofas, chairs, tables and any other furniture that’s moveable. Large pieces, for example, display cabinets, wardrobes and large TV displays will be left in place for safety purposes.

5. Pre-Spray

We will pre-spray all areas of your carpet using our unique non-detergent pre-spray that breaks down all the dirt particules and kills all viruses and bacteria in the carpets. The benefits of this are, it gets your carpets hygienically clean while protecting you and your loved one’s health.

6. Gentle Buff

We delicately buff the carpets fibres, this could be done handheld or machine depending on the fibres. This breaks down grease and soils but also has the added benefit of killing and eliminating any bacteria, viruses, bugs and dust mites as the pre-spray solution is gently brushed into all the carpet fibres.

7. Rapid Drying Water Extraction

We use our industy leading water extraction machine to thoroughly flush your carpet pile with an organic rinising agent removing all the natiness leaving you with a cleaner, healthier home enviroment. Our machine is designed to leave your carpets as dry as possible, within 2 – 4 hours at the most.

Incredibly, becuase our machine removes more water, we are able to rinse your carpet more thoroughly. The amount of water rinsed through your carpet fibres is one of the most important factors for a thorough clean.

8. Post Grooming

We reset the carpet fibres by grooming your carpet gently. This raises the pile, therefore helping your carpet dry even faster and furthermore, improves the visual appearance.

9. Post Inspection

We then invite you to walk through your home or business alongside us and inspect our work.

Hygienically Clean Carpets – Our cleaning system kills and removes viruses, bacteria, bugs and dust mites leaving a healthier environment for you and your loved ones, including babies and pets.

Enjoy a healthier home.