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About Vibrant Carpets.

Family-run carpet and upholstery cleaning company in South Essex.

Experience high quality cleaning..

Vibrant Carpets provides high-quality, on demand domestic and commercial services. We want to help give your home and business some love and keep your property looking vibrant and healthy.

We don’t think you should spend your precious time searching for a trusted carpet cleaner. So let us provide you with a quality, reliable service that knows exactly what they are doing.

We remove the endless phone calls and home visits by providing a 60 second online booking form, with a flat-rate pricing structure that has no hidden fees or upsells.

How it all started..

Vibrant Carpets was started by Sean and Scott Thomas after Sean was trying to book a carpet cleaner for his home, Sean discovered how difficult it was to book a carpet cleaner, while at the time Scott was looking for a change of career.

It seemed crazy that you could book a holiday, a flight or a taxi at the click of a button but not a carpet cleaner. It was here that the idea of Vibrant Carpets was born: a modern carpet cleaning company that uses hi-tech practices and puts its customers first by constantly striving to excel in terms of the experience it provides before, during and after their cleans have happened.

Members of the National Carpet Cleaners Association..

We are proud to be recognised as fully accredited members of the National Carpets Cleaners Association (NCCA), both Sean and Scott have undergone expert training by the NCCA thereby ensuring your valuable carpets and furnishings are in safe, professionally trained hands.

Contact Us

    01277 289122

If you call during our business hours we’ll try our best to answer however we may be busy cleaning so leave us a voicemail and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

If you email, we’ll usually get back to you within the same business day.


Business hours are:

Monday – Friday 9AM-6PM

Saturday 9AM-6PM

Sunday 9AM-6PM

Enjoy a healthier home.