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How does Vibrant Carpets work?

Vibrant Carpets is a family-run company that has provided an easy way to book, schedule, and manage all your appointments online. We are two brothers who are professionally trained our industry and work to industry endorsed standards, we are fully insured, and trained to deliver on our 9 step cleaning process.

You can book here. Once you have booked our services, you’ll meet either Scott or Sean.

Does someone need to be present?

Yes, this is so we can over our pre-inspection with you. After we have gone over the pre-inspection with you your free to stick around during the clean or go about your daily business. Whatever you’re most comfortable with is fine.

In any case, please don’t forget about your appointments. We’ll remind you with an email or text message, but if your not home when you said you would be, you’ll be charged a lock-out fee.

Is Vibrant Carpets insured?

Yes, Vibrant Carpets is insured including treatments risk. We understand that it is a privilege to be in your home, and we are always careful. In the unlikely event that an object is damaged, please notify us within 48 hours of when the appointment is completed either by email ( or by phone (01277 289 122).

Home Cleaning

What is the estimated drying time?

We estimate between 2 – 4 hours however this can vary depending on the fibre types and ventilation.

Can you remove wine, tea, coffee etc?

Yes, however some stains can be permanent and therefore we can’t make any promises that we can remove them. We usually get better results if we attempt to remove the stain before anyone else tries.

Can you remove pet odours and urine?

Yes, we have many treatments that we can use on different staining and odours. These issues are identified during pre-inspection and then subsequently treated during our cleaning process using our various Eco-Friendly solutions.

We don’t just mask odours like many other companies, we actually neutralise the odour.

What should I do about the furniture in the room?

We will will happily move any furniture that does not require more than one person. We are able to move sofas, beds, small cabinets around the room as we clean etc however large wardrobes, TV stands etc we are unable to move and will be cleaned around.

We would also kindly ask that you remove small objects and breakables before we arrive.

Business Cleaning

Why get your workplace cleaned?

We understand that a clean environment can reduce the likelihood of employees getting sick, thus allowing your business to be more productive (and more profitable).

A clean environment has been shown to reduce the probability of catching the common cold by 80% and reduce absenteeism by 46%!

Our cleaning process removes dust, dirt, bacteria and viruses.


Do you clean during or after business hours?

Due our equipment we need to clean out of your business hours, this can be day and night including weekend, depending on your preference and requirements.

Many customers give us a key for after-hours cleaning, so we can clean without disrupting your work.

How do I get an commercial quote?

Just click here to get started?

Great Clean Guarantee

What is the Great Clean Guarantee?

We get it right or we make it right.

If you’re not satisfied with your clean, you can request a free re-clean.

How to request a re-clean?

Customers can request a re-clean either by email ( or by phone (01277 289 122) — as long as the appointment was completed within the past 48 hours. The reclean appointment must be scheduled and completed within 72 hours of contact.

Please let us know where we fell short.

How many re-cleans can be booked using the Great Clean Guarantee benefit?

There is no specific limit on how many re-cleans a customer can receive. We want to ensure fair use of the benefit and guarantee a great experience every time. With that said, we reserve the right to require additional time and budget for future cleans and/or void the guarantee for future cleans (if requested excessively).

What is and is not eligible for a Great Clean Guarantee?

What is included:

Appointments completed within the past 48 hours are eligible for the Great Clean Guarantee.

What is not included:

  • Appointments completed more than 48 hours ago
  • Spot & Stain Removal – We cannot guarantee to remove spots & stains due to varying factors.
  • Free cleans
  • Re-cleans
  • Homes not in standard condition (e.g. biohazards, hoarding, etc.)
  • Extra services not booked for original appointment
  • Already existing damage to the carpet or upholstery such as staining, filtration marks, fading, delamination, browning, pile wear, pile distortion, pile reversal, odour sources (while we can remove and neutralise this, it can still exist on the underlay), dimensional change.


How do I pay for my clean?

We accept cash, debit/credit cards and cheques. We accept all major credit and debit cards, please make all cheques payable to Vibrant Carpets Ltd.

Tips may be given in cash form (optional).

When does my card get charged?

Your credit card will be charged after your appointment has taken place. You will receive an automated email with the transaction summary to notify you when and how much your card is charged.

How do I update my billing information?

To switch your billing information, simply log into our online portal using your email and password and edit your billing information under ‘billings’ section of the website.

What is your cancellation policy?

We apply a £50 cancellation fee to appointments not cancelled by 5PM the day before the appointment.

How do I leave a tip?

Tips are not required, however they can be made in cash during your appointment.

Enjoy a healthier home.